Pomegranate Real Estate Buys Carbon-Free Power

Pomegranate Real Estate, Represented by New America Power, Purchases 18,292 (MWH) of 100% Carbon-Free Power Throughout The Pomegranate Portfolio

Bala Cynwyd— (February 1st, 2020) Michael Willner of Pomegranate Real Estate, and Lonnie Barish of New America Power, have announced that Pomegranate Real Estate will purchase 100% Carbon-Free power to offset 100 % of the portfolio’s electric consumption.

Pomegranate Real Estate have committed to purchasing 18,292 megawatt hours (MWh) of CarbonFree energy. The amount of Carbon-Free power purchased by the Real Estate company Pomegranate Real Estate will offset nearly 12,933 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions — equivalent to avoiding the annual carbon dioxide emissions of almost 1,492 U.S. homes or more than 2,746 passenger vehicles, 4,399 tons of waste diverted from landfills; the drop-in carbon dioxide emissions from displacing 1,455,303 gallons of gasoline; or the carbon sequestered annually by 16,890 acres of U.S. forest.

About Pomegranate Real Estate

Pomegranate Real Estate specializes in acquiring underperforming properties with the goal of producing stable assets and excellent long-term returns by lowering vacancies through redevelopment. Pomegranate understands the value of investing capital in older properties in order to re-establish those properties as cornerstones for their community. We pride ourselves in working with local community members and contractors to improve our neighborhoods.

Integral to Pomegranate Real Estate’s success is the hands-on involvement of Principals and a core group of professionals with complementary skills in real estate, acquisition and development, leasing, property management, finance and law. Our company prides itself on personal contact with our customers, clients and vendors.

For more information about Pomegranate Real Estate Investment please visit https://pom-re.com or
call (610) 658-7070.

About New America Power

New America Power, a Newtown, Bucks County, based company assists in educating their clients of the ongoing changes and advancements in the energy industry and assist them with making decisions on energy procurement, management and curtailment. Mr. Barish with New America Power who provides our clients with many products and services to facilitate entry into the renewable energy market. We offer a variety of energy products ranging from Fixed-all-inclusive, Index adder, Block and Index, to Wind, Green, Carbon Neutral and more… We work closely with our clients and take advantage of market behaviors that favor our clients’ energy cost. Please contact Lonnie Barish at lonnie@newamericapower.com or call (267) 968-8651 for more information, www.newamericapower.com

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