Our Company

Pomegranate Real Estate specializes in acquiring under performing properties, with the goal of producing stable assets and excellent long-term returns by lowering vacancies through redevelopment. We understand the value of investing capital in older properties, in order to re-establish those properties as cornerstones of a community and take pride in working with  local community members and contractors to do so.

Integral to our success is the hands-on involvement of Principals, and a core group of professionals with complementary skills in real estate, acquisition and development, leasing, property management, finance and law. In all of our business dealings, we believe in personal contact with our customers, clients and vendors.


Property Management

Reliability and attention to detail underpin successful property management. Pomegranate Real Estate’s success in property management illustrates that the ideal manager is an owner with a stake in the results. Currently, Pomegranate Real Estate manages only properties owned by their related companies.

As owners, Pomegranate Real Estate works hard to protect and enhance the physical condition as well as long-term productivity of their assets. Pomegranate Real Estate is aggressive about upkeep and preventive maintenance, anticipating and performing repairs before issues arise. Professional property managers supervise staff responsible for day-to-day operations. Accountability and quality service foster satisfied tenant relationships, contributing to high renewal rates and property profitability.